Heather Larsen

Springdale, UT
Favorite Huppybar Flavor: Coconut Date Ginger


When did you fall in love with slacklining? What do you love about it?

 I fell in love with slacklining about 7 years ago (as soon as I was introduced to the sport). It is such a great sport to challenge you in every way, physically and mentally! You can always challenge yourself on any length or tension of line, which allows beginners and experts to play in the same space. It is an amazing activity to get involved in for community!


What role has your community (friends, family, school, work, etc) played in your success in slacklining?

 Community is HUGE in slacklining, especially highlining. You spend countless hours with your crew planning, rigging and walking lines. If I didn’t have the community, I wouldn’t be able to rig nearly as many or as big of lines. Community also helps with inspiration and creativity. Since the sport is still developing, there’s no telling what you’re capable of and having a solid community of support and encouragement is key.


What challenges you the most in slacklining? What do you do to face the challenge?

 One of my biggest challenges is my fear of speed. Typically, highlining is slow, calm and controlled. However, to progress, falling is a part of the game…and falling = speed…feeling like I’m going fast and out of control.


If you could instantly crush at one other activity, what would it be?

 Climbing. I was BIG into climbing before highlining. I’m working at getting my climbing strength back, but it takes time and I would love to be a strong climber!


What do you want to be when you grow up?

 Grow up?! No thanks!


Where do you see your slacklining in ten years?

 This sport is changing almost every day. New tricks being landed, new world record being broken. It’s so crazy to see a sport change so drastically just in 1 year – it’s hard to say where things are headed 10 years down the road. I definitely predict lots of new tricks to be landed and hopefully growth in the sport that encourages decision makers in cities and parks to understand and accept the sport more.


 Why do Huppybars work for you/ What do you love about them?

 What DON’T I love about Huppybars?! Besides the fact that it is a company based in one of my favorite places in the US, they are healthy, super tasty & provide great energy with all the seeds and nuts! I offer my friends a bite almost every time I have one out and literally every single one of them falls in love.


Do you think slacklining can help make the world a better place? If so, How so?

 Absolutely!! Slacklining has taught me so much about staying calm in stressful moments. The lessons you learn on the line can transfer to any life situation.


What bothers you?

 Too much screen time.


Was there a time when you wanted to throw in the towel on slacklining? If so, what brought you back?

 There was a little chunk of time when I almost left the sport, but the positive and encouraging community kept me too close to it to leave. I have never felt support from a community like I have felt in the slackline community. Even now, as I live in a remote area in southern Utah, I still feel very connected to my crew. They wouldn’t let me quit even if I tried!!


Your mantra?

Be here. Breathe.


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