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Special Edition Rogue Panda Top Tube Bag

Rogue Panda Designs

"This is easily one of the most stable bags we've ever tested" -Bikepacker Magazine

Get yourself (or a friend) the ultimate top tube bag, handmade in Flagstaff, AZ by Rogue Panda Designs. Upon purchase, we will even throw in a couple Huppybars!


The Alamo Top Tube Bag is the product of a lot of trial and error trying to create the most stable top tube bag possible. The end result is a front top tube bag that just sticks to your bike, simple as that. The front attachment strap is sewn into the bag for extra stability, and the bottom attachment strap is movable - so no worries about compatibility with existing frame bag straps. 

The Alamo is a solid bag that should fit on any bike with no leg rubbing issues. 

Features of the Alamo Include: 

  • Tapered design to maximize capacity
  • Easy one-handed opening and closing
  • HDPE stiffeners in the side panels to help hold the shape
  • Foam padding on the contact panels to protect your frame
  • No-slip fabric on frame attachments for extra stability.


About 2" x 2" in the rear, and about 3" x 3.5" in the front. The bag is 8" long. 

Alamo Canyon is the official name of the Arizona Trail "Picketpost" passage. 

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